IIT Dharwad is offering three B.Tech programmes since its establishment in 2016

Computer Science And Engineering

This discipline, offering ,M.S and Ph.D courses, was started in the year 2016, the same year IIT Dharwad was established.The BTech curriculum is a unique combination of courses covering core fundamentals in computer science along with advanced topics aligned with the distinct research areas of our faculty. Our faculty research broadly categorized into three spines namely,
a) Theory(logic, graph theory)
b) Systems(computer architecture, computer networks, parallel programming)
c) Intelligent systems(ML and AI).
Besides the three spines, our faculty work in interdisciplinary areas such as cyber physical systems, smart grids, which involve a wide range of problems related to data science, machine learning, distributed processing, security, etc.

Electrical Engineering

This discipline, offering ,M.S and Ph.D courses, focuses mainly on fundamentals of building physical devices and exploring the mathematical sides of EE. The EE Department has active collaborations with numerous industries and academic institutions, both in India and abroad.
With faculty from varying research backgrounds, the department encourages multi-disciplinary researchallied with computer science, applied physics, biotechnology, chemistry and computation. Undergraduate and graduate students study and work on some of the exciting research problems in a wide variety of subjects, both theoretical and experimental.
The faculty at EE Department are mainly working in the areas of next generation wireless communication such as IoT, 5G and beyond, communication networks, performance modeling, resource allocation, sensors, circuits and devices, control engineering, machine learning and deep neural networks, signal processing, power systems and power electronics.

Mechanical Engineering

Since its inceptionin the year 2016, the Department has been offering a four-year B.Tech. programme at the undergraduate level. At the postgraduate level, the Department offers research programs such as MS (by Research) in Mechanical Engineering and PhD programs.
The department’s curriculum is an assemblage of core mechanical engineering, basic sciences and interdisciplinary courses backed by an array of hands-on laboratory courses. The curriculum is well tailored to fit the requirements of industry 4.0 and to promote practice-oriented learning along with conceptual understanding.
The faculty of the Department come from a wide-ranging academic background and work on an expansive list of core and interdisciplinary research areas.The Department is poised to take on both global as well as local problems such as energy technologies for sustainable environment, healthcare and agricultural technologies, and other key needs of the nation.

Engineering Physics

The new B.Tech. programme in Engineering Physics aims to be a multidisciplinary programme for which necessary knowledge input is from various disciplines like Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering, and Humanities and Social Sciences.
The B.Tech. programme in Engineering Physics will contribute to the capacity building in some of the frontier areas like,
a)Quantum communication and computation
b)Information security
c)Engineering materials
d)Atmospheric and ocean science, etc.