Internship Procedure

1. Fill the Internship Notification Form

Different modes of internships that IIT Dharwad offers, are explained here.
Interested companies will fill out the Internship Notification Form.

The company has to provide the following mandatory data as per the forms. The key data required are:
a. Stipend.
b.The geographic location where the job is being offered.
c. A brief description of the job and responsibilities, required skill set and selection process.

2. Preassessment / Shortlist

Resumes of the interested students are made available to the companies. The companies shortlist the students on the basis of their resumes.

3. Examination / Test

Companies conduct various examinations in the form of written or online tests. The students are eligible for the further process on the basis of their performance in the examination.

4. Interview

After the preliminary test/examination, the company will send us the list of the students shortlisted for the interview and the details about the schedule of interview. If needed the CDC will help in arranging for the interview in the campus.

5. Offer

After the interview, the company will send out offer letter to the students selected, offering to join the company.

6. Student Accept / Reject

The final decision of whether to accept or reject the offer rests with the student and the student has to inform about this decision within the stipulated time.